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Stay smart and love English with Engola World

Engola World is an English grammar app. It is designed by professional teachers to help you learn English. It is free (with 30% premium content), and works offline.

Study English, English Lessons, Learn English
Study English, English Lessons, Advanced English Grammar

Designed for everyone

We have included all the most important topics in English grammar, from the present simple and present perfect to the conditionals and question tags. The topics are ordered according the the levels of the Common European Framework to make it easier to study.

  • In our special Study Centre, teachers can connect to their students, set them tasks and answer questions. You can also check results.
  • If you get something wrong, just click on the question mark icon to receive an explanation. With Engola, you never have to learn alone.
  • You can listen to sentences and Engola content with our special text-to-voice feature.
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Grammar App Learn
Learn according to your level

Content sorted according to the levels of the European Common Framework (A1-C1).

Grammar App Free App
Free app

Absolutely free and no adverts so you can concentrate on learning as much as possible.

Grammar App List
Read and listen to example sentences

Seeing and listen to the grammar in context aids your understanding.

features-image English Grammar Mobile App
Grammar App Chat

You can use the Friends feature to speak to your teacher or classmates.

Irregular Verbs Note
Works offline

Once you have downloaded the app you can use it anywhere and at anytime, even if you don’t have internet access.

Grammar App Calendar Free
Study every day

Our app has 100 grammar topics with 2,000 grammar questions and 200+ irregular verbs. Practice every day of the week.

Pricing Plans & Packages

We have two different options for learners and teachers to access our premium content.

Free Available for students, teachers and also guest users

65 free grammar topics and more than 200 irregular verbs to practice

Teacher premium monthly
$ 1 49 Monthly premium subscription for teachers

Unlimited private and public classes and free access to all future content

Teacher premium yearly
$ 7 99 Yearly premium subscription for teachers

Unlimited private and public classes and free access to all future content

Student premium monthly
$ 0 99 Monthly premium subscription for students

Access to free and premium content and to all future content

Student premium yearly
$ 4 99 Yearly premium subscription for students

Access to free and premium content and to all future content

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* Requires iOS 12.0 or higher / Android 7.0 Nougat, SDK 24
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Do you have difficulty getting your students to complete their homework? Are you tired of photocopying page after page of grammar exercises? Engola World was designed by English teachers and English learners for English teachers and English learners – to make it easier for everyone to practice outside of class. We can offer:

  • Simple, clear explanations
  • All major grammar topics, organised according to the Common European Framework (A1-C1)
  • Easy to complete test questions for students
  • Guided learning: students can request an explanation when they make a mistake
  • A Study Centre that allows you to set tasks for your students to complete
  • Complete reporting so you can track your students’ progress


Engola World is an app designed to help you study English. WARNING! We cannot teach you English! You need a teacher for that, but we can help you practice.
Engola World has:

  • Clear explanations
  • 65 free grammar topics and more than 200 irregular verbs to practice
  • Premium packages to your better English
  • A study centre where your teacher can create homework for you
  • Teacher-student communication
  • Statistics so you can follow your progress
content-image Grammar App

So if you want to spend a few minutes a day improving your English, then use Engola World!

Still have a question about the premium packs? Click here to see grammar content

Tips & Tricks

How do you create a new account?

Download the Engola World app from App Store or Play Store.

  • 1. Click on "sign up with email" button
  • 2. Please fill in all fields:
      - Email
      - Password
      - Name
  • 3. If you are a teacher, please choose the "Are you a teacher?" possibility
  • 4. Please, agree to the Engola World Tems & Conditions

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How can I share the app?

To share the app, simply select the ‘Share this app’ button from the menu or from the header and choose one of the possibilities.

content-image Premium Content content-image English Grammar
What do the levels mean?

Engola World is organised according to the levels of the Common European Framework:
    - A1 beginner
   - A2 elementary
   - B1 intermediate
   - B2 upper intermediate
   - C1 advanced

How do you start a test?

To start testing your grammar, simply press the play button!
You can find this button on the next screens:
    - Grammar main screen
    - Grammar explanation screen
    - Test parameter screen
    - Test result screen

content-image content-image content-image content-image
How do you search for grammar content?

We have three options:
   1. Choose by level (A1 - C1, beginner-advanced)
   2. Search for a particular topic in the search bar
   3. Scroll down to find the topic you want

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How can you check your mistakes?

If you make a mistake in the test, simply tap on the question mark and you can see an explanation of the relevant grammar point!

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Still have a question? Ask your question here

The Engola World Project



We are a small group of developers and English teachers who live in Budapest and we make English learning apps.
One day, we tried to find a great, affordable app for learning English. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was almost impossible. So we decided to make our own applications. Engola Irregular Verbs was our first application. It was really a test application. We made it to see if people liked our ideas. So far it has 13,000 downloads from more than 100 countries, so we are very happy with it.

We are now working on a second, bigger application, called Engola World. This application will have many features. It will help people learn all aspects of English grammar, and will allow teachers to set tasks for their students. Can’t wait!

We are proud of our content, but we realise that it’s not enough. Which is why we are already working on creating more topics for our Grammar module and a brand new module: Phrasal Verbs. Our long-term plan is to cover every aspect of grammar and vocabulary so that English learners can find all they need in one place.

appstore-logo googleplay-logo * Requires iOS 12.0 or higher / Android 7.0 Nougat, SDK 24

Our Team

We are a team of friends and colleagues based in Budapest, Hungary.

Andor Régáisz
  Android app designer and developer

Grammar App Andor Regaisz

Grammar App Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett
Project and content manager  

Károly Bodnár
  Database expert

Grammar App Karoly Bodnar

Grammar App Tamas Vamosi

Tamás Vámosi
Lead of software development, iOS app designer and developer  

Zita Vaits
  Graphic designer

Grammar App Zita Vaits Bodnar

Grammar App Zsolt Helmayer

Zsolt Helmayer
Android app designer and developer  

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When we started our Engola World project, we included a blog about learning English, teaching languages and also our app. We hope you find something useful here...

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